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How loud is a fire alarm supposed to be?

Are fire alarms too loud

The goal of a fire alarm is to make sure everyone in the building knows to evacuate. That's why the NFPA requires fire alarm horns and sirens to sound louder than ambient noises. The precise requirement is 15 dB above the average noise level or 5 dB above the maximum ambient sound, whichever is greater.

How loud is a commercial fire alarm

In the U.S., most fire alarms can range from 65 decibels (dB) to 120 dB.

How loud are fire alarm bells

Most fire bells are very, very loud—and the volume often (but not always) increases with the bell's size. A bigger fire bell doesn't always make more noise. From a few feet away, most are as loud as 80, 90, or even 100 decibels (dB). That's somewhere between the noise produced by a garbage disposal and a lawnmower.

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